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Dr. Lenka Lisa
Institute of Geology
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i.
Rozvojova 269
165 02 Prague 6 - Lysolaje
Tel.: +420 607 706 585
Tel.: +420 233 087 252
Fax.: +420 220 922 670

I'm recently employed as a Quaternary geologist and geoarchaeologist at the Institute of Geology of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i. in Prague. The main aim of my work is the Quaternary sedimentology with environmental and geoarchaeological aspects. Generally it includes landscape reconstructions within aeolian as well as aluvial environments and microstratigraphy of sunken houses infillins. I was born on 17 of December, 1975 at Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic. I am married to Pavel. We have newborn babygirl Marketka.

succesfully went through narrow corridor in Dolganskaja Jama cave :-);photo is not in up-side possition...

1994-1999- graduate study of geology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno,
MSc. degree received
1999-2004- postgraduate study, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno
PhD. Thesis: Research of loess and loess-like sediments of the Last Glacial, Moravia,
Ph.D. title received.

since 2003- Institute of Geology, ASCR, v.v.i., Dept. of geological processes
2005 - 3 months research fellowship at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
2006-2008 - Marie-Curie Fellow at Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
2009 - 3 months research fellowship at the Department of Archaeology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Just on the way to Sudan again. This time to the 4th Cataract, Usli. I am going to sample the floors of one ancient building which was excavated by our egyptologist during the Autumn season 2009. I will also give a talk about the Geoarchaeological application at Archaeological Museum in Khartoum. This research is granted by the Czech Academy of Sciences and by Charles University and generally based on the cooperation with Czech Egyptologists from Charles University in Prague. More information about the project and cooperation is available here. Some photos I took, are available on this address.

I am involved in the organisation of one small international conference which will be held during 15th to 17th March 2010 in Brno. The title of conference is "OIS3 stage conference" and the main idea is to bring together people interested in (geo)archaeological, climatic and environmenal research of this period. More info is available here

I am also involved in the organisation of the International Working Meeting in Archaeological Soil Micromorphology, which will be held also in Brno, Czech Republic, from May 17th-21st, 2010. More info is available here

Recently, there is a lot of interesting projects I am working on. One of them is the Moravian Gate project of the Cambridge University, where is my work focused on the study of environmental conditions of Gravettian sites in Central Europe as well as to the climatic record of the last 30 000 years. My work includes sedimentological, micromorphological and geochemical research of loessic deposits.

I am also taking part on the project leaded by dr. Kadlec from the laboratory of Paleomagnetism of the GLU ASCR, v.v.i. This project has a title: Interplay of climate, human impact, and land erosion recorded in the natural archives of Straznicke Pomoravi. My work there includes sedimentological and micromorphological research connected with sedimentary procceses in alluvial zone

My cooperation with archaeologists started in 2005 and since that time I took a part on a bunch of very interesting case studies. Recently I am cooperating by this way with archaeological companies Archaia Brno o.p.s., UAPP Brno and Archaeological Institute of ASCR, v.v.i. in Brno within the area of Brno city and its surrowndings and also with the companies Labrys o.p.s. and Archaeological institute ASCR v.v.i. in Praguewithin the Prague area.

Since my Universtity studies I am still interested in the methodology of quartz micromorphology.

I am running the main web page of the Quaternary group of the Czech Republic. This web page is related to Quaternary studies and collects actual important informations from this branch
Another my web page is related to the project from 2003: Thermal spring sedimentation and to my photo exhibition connected with the project.

Cara sands in Central Siberia.. reall desert

Talks and lectures in 2010 year:
14.1.2010 - Historie povodí Nilu a vybrané aspekty jeho pozdněkvartérního vývoje (Český egyptologický ústav FF UK, Praha, 15:00)
18.1.2010 - Micromorphological approach in geoarchaeological studies (Kolo naukowe studentow archeologii, Poznan, Poland, 19:30)
20.1.2010 - Micromorphological approach in geoarchaeological studies (Geografical Department, University of Wroclaw, Poland, 14:30)
21.1.2010 - Application of geoarchaeology (Archaeological Department of Wroclaw University, Poland, 12:30)
26.1.2010 - Expedice Sabaloka (Geologický ústav AVČR, v.v.i., Praha, 14:00)
4.2.2010 - Uklízely halštatské ženy podlahy svých domů? Aneb krátký příspěvek geoarcheologie ke studiu výplní zahloubených domů (KEA, České Budějovice, 13:40). The abstract is available
4.2.2010 - Aplikace environmentální metodiky na studium výplní halštatské polozemnice v Brně - Modřicích (KEA, České Budějovice, 14:00)
14.2.2010 - Aplications of Geoarchaeology - Archaeological Museum in Khartoum, Sudan -canceled
24.2.2010 - Geoarcheologie - geneze sedimentů versus geomorfologie a co z toho pro archeologa v terénu vyplývá? (přednáškový cyklus "Příbuzné obory" na Filozofické fakultě UHK v Hradci Králové, B8, 11:30).The abstract is available here
3.3.2010 - Mikromorfologie v archeologickém kontextu - jak může obohatit archeologické interpretace?(přednáškový cyklus "Příbuzné obory" na Filozofické fakultě UHK v Hradci Králové, B8, 11:30).The abstract is available here
16.3.2010 - The environmental conditions within the Moravia and southern Silesia during Gravettian period and its impact to the behaviour of Palaeolithic hunters. (OIS3 stage conference, Brno, Anthropos)
20.5.2010 - Mikromorfologie v archeologickém kontextu -jak může obohatit archeologické interpretace? (FFMU, zvaná přednáška)
17.6.2010 - Geoarchaeological and antracological approach to the study of Early Prague Slavic culture in Roztoky u Prahy site (joint talk with Jan Novák at the institute of Archaeology ASCR, v.v.i., Letenská, Prague)
19.6.2010 - Zeměchy u Prahy (přednáška v rámci Letní školy kvartérních studií)

Regular lectures:
Faculty of Science, Pilsner University, Pilsner
- since 2010 undergraduate complementary course of Geoarchaeology

For my students!!!
The lectures is possible to download below:
Blok 1-2
Formační procesy
úvod do metodiky
úvod do petroarcheologie
metodický manuál k vašim projektům
DŮLEŽITÉ !!! Poznámky ke kurzu geoarcheologie
Blok 3-4
bude doplněno

- since 2006 a part of the undergraduate complementary course of Environmental Archaeology
Faculty of South Bohemia - since 2008 graduate complementary course of Geoarchaeology

2008-2011- Interplay of climate, human impact, and land erosion recorded in the natural archives of Stráznické Pomoraví (Czech Republic).Granted by: Grant Agency of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Code of Project: IAAX00130801 - participation
2006-2008- Geoarchaeology of European loess (Marie-Curie Fellowship), principal investigator.
2005-2007- The erosional, accumulative and postdepositional processes in flood plain after great flood of August 2002 - participation
2006- Origin of the Brno relief - stage III. (Industrial grant - 7035), principal investigator.
2001-2004- Biodiversity as a function of ecological systems (K 6005114) – participation
2001-2004- Climatic and anthropogenic factors and their influence to the live and alive nature (K 3046108) - participation
2005- Origin of the Brno relief - stage II. (Industrial grant - 7035), principal investigator.
2004-2005- Thermal spring sedimentation of Karlovy Vary thermal structure and its connection to the preventive protection of natural medicinal sources – participation
2004- Origin of the Brno relief (Industrial grant - 7035), principal investigator.
2000-2001- Microprobe used for indication of heavy mineral provenience (FRVS No. 2146 G4), principal investigator.

Section I made by myself in the alluvial plain of the Nile River in Sudan (6th cararact)



articles with impact factor or on WOS:

1. Hladil J., Slavik L., Vondra M., Koptikova L., Cejchan P., Schnabl P., Adamovic J., Vacek F., Vich R., Lisa L., Lisy P. (2012): Pragian-Emsian successions in Uzbekistan and Bohemia: magnetic susceptibility logs and thein dynamic time warping alignment.- Stratigraphy, 8, 4, 217 – 236.
2. Novak J., Lisá L., Pokorný P., Kuna M. (2012): Charcoal analyses as an environmental tool for the study of Early Medieval sunken houses infills in Roztoky near Prague, Czech Republic.- Journal of Archaeological Science, 39, 808 – 817. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2011.06.026
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articles without impact factor

1. Parma D., Lisá L., Jarošová M., Libor P. (2011): Geoarcheology of LaTéne Sunken Houses at Syrovice, Czech Republic: Importance for Understanding Living Strategies.- Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 2(1): 15-25.
2. Kuna M, Lisá L., Novák J. (2011): Zánik raně středověkých domů v Roztokách.- Živá archeologie – REA, 11/2010, 75 – 79.
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My photo exhibition about Karlovy Vary travertines was installed in Brno-Masaryk University (from 1 of July till the end of August) and in Přerov (from 1 of September till 31 of October)
Our photo exhibition with a title ROCK ART of Central Kirgizstan you had possibility to see in Růžová čajovna tearoom in Prague, street Růžová near Václavské square from 1 of July till 15 of September, 2007

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